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Students see birds of prey

Photo courtesy of Jordan Road Christian School

Shawn Murphy, a volunteer of HawkQuest, shows a Barn Owl to students at Jordan Road Christian School. Almost 200 students recently saw the birds of prey.


Deanna Curtis of Parker based HawkQuest gave a presentation involving four raptors to the Jordan Road Christian School last week.

Almost 200 students saw the birds of prey, which included an owl, a free-flying Harris' Hawk, a Peregrine Falcon and a Golden Eagle.

"Our mascot is an eagle, but most kids have never seen such a massive bird up close," said Jordan Road Christian School Principal Greg Isaac. "Our students learned important aspects of the raptors and had a blast in the process."

Kids from grades kindergarten through eighth saw the program, which included a flight by the Harris' Hawk in the school gym.

"The Harris' Hawk was so big and fast. I learned about how hawks hunt in packs," said Josh Sands, 10.

After learning that HawkQuest works with the U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife to adopt and protect these birds, Joey Huff, 7, said he wanted to adopt a falcon.

Jordan Road Christian School is a ministry of Southeast Christian Church at 9650 Jordan Road in Parker. Schools interested in hosting HawkQuest are encouraged to call (303) 690-6959 or visit www.hawkquest.org.

Reprint from the The Parker Chronicle - Thursday, February 13, 2003


For information about HawkQuest, including how to book a program or to become a volunteer, call (303) 690-6959.


Posted 03/03

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