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Photo by Nick King

HAWKQUEST VOLUNTEER Mario Lopez holds a female bald eagle Free Spirit, Saturday during the 2003 Mountain Area Earth Day Fair held at the Lake House. HawkQuest provides natural environmental education and advocates preserving wildlife and its habitat.

Reprint from the Canyon Courier - Wednesday, April 23, 2003


Weather dampened attendance but not enthusiasm at the 2003 Earth Day held at the Lake House Saturday. Many of the 55 exhibitors said they were impressed with the level of interest in eco-subjects in Evergreen. Rain mixed with snow fell outside, as people loaded up on wildlife pamphlets, energy-saving tips, and packets of wildflowers. Petitions were signed and pizza was eaten.

"You can count on us for that much-needed moisture," said Mary Dickhoff, an Earth Day and Beyond organizer.

Organizers hope for nice weather but Earth Day traditionally has been wet.

Posted 05/03


For information about HawkQuest, including booking a program or becoming a volunteer, call (303) 690-6959.



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