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by Mark Stanfill

FRCC students felt their spirits soar Nov. 15 when the birds of HawkQuest landed at the campus center to help enlighten everyone to the growing needs of our environment.

Students, faculty and staff were awed at the sight of several birds of prey including a Barn Owl, a Great-horned Owl, a Harris' Hawk and our national symbol, the American Bald Eagle.

Students from the Children's Place were also treated to a lecture and flying demonstration, which is an example of HawkQuest's commitment to providing an educational opportunity for young people.

HawkQuest was invited to the campus by the SGA Communications Committee in an effort to assemble the student body in a relaxed, educational atmosphere to get better acquainted with members of SGA, the Communications Committee and Program Activities.

An informal survey was conducted to help SGA better understand the needs and concerns of the student body.


For information about HawkQuest, including how to book a program or to become a volunteer, call (303) 690-6959.

Posted 02/07/01

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