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A raptor is a bird that hunts and eats live animals and kills with its feet. HawkQuest has eleven different raptors, representing seven different species: A bald eagle, a golden eagle, a peregrine falcon, a prairie falcon, a barn owl, a great-horned owl, and five Harris' hawks.

  • The bald eagle is a female born in 1988. She weighs about 13 pounds and was given to HawkQuest by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service after being used as a lure bird at Rocky Mountain Arsenal. She was originally found sick in Minnesota with mercury poisoning from eating contaminated fish.


  • The golden eagle is a male also born in 1988. He weighs about 8 pounds, and HawkQuest received him from a rehabilitation facility in Idaho. He is an imprint and, therefore, not releasable.


  • The peregrine falcon is a male born in 1989. He was bred in captivity and was in a breeding project before coming to HawkQuest. He weighs 23 ounces.


  • The prairie falcon is a female born in 1981. She weighs 33 ounces and was received from a falconer.


  • The barn owl is a male born in 1987. He weighs about 20 ounces and was bred in captivity.


  • The great-horned owl is a male born in 1990. He weighs about 40 ounces and came to HawkQuest from a rehabilitation center in Pueblo.


  • HawkQuest has 5 female Harris' hawks. The oldest was born in 1980 and weighs about 40 ounces. She was bred in captivity as were most of HawkQuest's hawks.

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